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I made some Jammy biscuits

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Pete Doherty and Carl Barat of The Libertines, last night at Alexandra Palace, 26/09/14.
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Peter Doherty by Hedi Slimane 
december 2004

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So many bananas so little time

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(So very sorry I didn’t have time to upload videos and all that! I’m off to Paris and leave you with this note)

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Reblog - 5 notesIf someone told me this time last year that I would be seeing The Libertines at Alexandra palace I wouldn’t have believed them. They were amazing
Anonymous : hey can people who are going to ally pally on their own on friday like this post so i can inbox them and maybe meet them at liverpool street because i'm so worried about getting lost in London on my own, and i don't want to panic so much i decide not to go :-(



Come on, London people, you should help this person!


Download ‘tube map’ the app, to help
You get around underground. All the stations are clear and sign posted pretty clearly! Don’t worry about it just plan ahead :) if you get lost on one tube route you can just get off at the next one and easily find your way/ask someone! Ticket people are always helpful! Hope that helps/you find someone !