What a Nice Day For a Murder
Sarah | 20 | England.

I am a massive fan of Peter Doherty, The Libertines and Babyshambles

Other music I absolutely love includes Arctic Monkeys, Mystery Jets, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Chance the Rapper..
I am developing a new found love for hip hop music.

Welcome to my blog..
I post lots of Peter Doherty related stuff yo

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sweetwanderlustworld : Omgg that bikini is so beautiful!

i knooow i love it!! from topshop!

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Today we were at the station to see Peter off on the train to Saint Petersburg and I gave him my passport to sign… Look what he wrote! I burst into tears, guys, seriously!

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Pete Doherty
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i wanna be yours (slowed) || arctic monkeys

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Peter Doherty and Carl Barât at the 2009 NME Award, after Doherty won Best Solo Artist

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up the bracket alley

[london, sanctus in uk]

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